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personal injuryWhy You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer To Settle Your Claims

Personal injury law is a broad arena – it covers everything from slip and fall cases (premise liability) to car accidents to medical malpractice. A qualified and educated personal injury lawyer can likely quickly determine whether you may have a case by engaging in a brief consultation with you. In general, to get compensation for an injury, you should show that some person, organization or product/service caused harm directly or indirectly. What is more, you ought to show that the harm done was substantial enough to merit remedies, like compensation for medical bills and payment for wages lost at work.

It is essential to have an experienced injury lawyer represent you for any injury claim for several reasons. First, there is no exact formula for determining the quantity of non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or the inability to participate in your normal social activities. You need a lawyer who has handled hundreds if not thousands of personal injury claims to assess the value of damages accurately. Second, the defendant’s attorney or their insurance company will almost always try to prove that you were partially or mostly at fault for the accident in order reduce or get rid of your claim. Also, and your lawyer will know how to maximize the strength of your case and minimize any weaknesses.

Below are some of the actionable instances:

Auto Accident – A careless driver chatting on her cell phone veers out of her lane and slams into the rear of your car, giving you whiplash that puts you in traction for weeks.

Premises Liability – While you are out having dinner at a restaurant, you slip and fall on a leak from a restroom sink, bump your head against the sink, fall and injure your back.

Medical Malpractice – A surgeon fails to stitch up a wound properly. The wound becomes infected and winds up putting you in the hospital for three extra weeks.

Dog Bite – Your neighbor’s pit bull breaks off his leash and bites your kid’s arm, doing harm to the tendon and leaving a scar.

Your lawyer will draw upon his or her knowledge, experience, and tested methodology to build a strategy to get you maximum compensation with minimum hassle.

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Stories From Clients We Helped

I Was Hurt More Than I Thought

Two months ago I was driving down the street headed to the high school to get my daughter and I was hit by another motorist. Things seemed fine at the time, but I still went to the doctor to get my knee check out. It hit the steering wheel and it seemed a little sore. I did not plan to go to court, but as time goes by, I am having some serious trouble with the knee that was injured. It locks all of the time when I am trying to walk and I was told that I need to have a painful procedure done to remove liquid that has accumulated there.

Now that I know that this is a more serious issue than I thought in the beginning, I have gotten in touch with the woman who hit me. She is not being very cooperative and she has accused me of making things up in order to get my hands on her money. I do not want any more than what I deserve and I intend to go to any lengths that I need to in order to ensure this happens for me.

My Neighbor Is Responsible For This Mess

I am one of those people who generally keeps to themselves, yet I accepted an invitation from the neighbor to go to his house and watch the Super Bowl. Everything was going great until he decided that he was going to start throwing a football around the house. He ended up hitting a vase and a shard of glass flew across the room and struck me in the face. I was bleeding all over the place, yet everyone there acted as if I was an alien because I got upset and left right away.

The very next day I called him and let him know that I ended up getting stitches and he needed to pay the bill as well as compensate me for my suffering, but he hung up the phone and refuses to answer any more of my calls. That is why I have decided to get a lawyer and let this get handled in a court of law. I wish that this could have been handled without having to head into a courtroom, but the way that he has been acting makes me feel like this is the only option that I have.